\ˈhwak, ˈwak\ To cut with or as if with a whack : chop.

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THe Group

An eclectic group of hairdressers that pride themselves on being anything but an ordinary salon. A hip vibe but relaxing atmosphere, the hairdressers at W.A.C provide high-quality specialized services and passion for their craft.


Balayage / Ombré

Over the past few years, the balayage and ombré techniques have exploded in the hair industry. From some of the world's leading hairdressers creating beautiful versions of the look to the people who proudly wear it, it is one of the most requested services in our salon. To ensure great service with quality results, we have constructed a balayage/ombré program for those who are interested in achieving this now so infamous look.


Cancellation + Missed appointment policy

Upon booking your appointment with us, please take the time to read and understand our cancellation/missed appointment policy.

W.A.C Hair Group is a Davines Concept Salon, reinforcing sustainability within every hair service you receive from us. Davines aims to create the best products while respecting the environment, using high-grade natural ingredients and applying scientific rigor to all products. With the understanding of the hair industry’s impact on the environment, W.A.C has teamed up with Green Circle Salons to become a certified sustainable salon.

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