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WAC Hair Group, was the inspiration of artistic director Aldo Scopazzi having opened his 1st salon in 1995 in Unionville after spending more than 10 years establishing himself in Toronto and gaining experience at Sasson's in England.

Aldo decided to bring his expertise to Main St. Markham over 17 years ago and W.A.C. Hair Group was born.

We believe in training our own staff with the help of Davines and its academy, we strive on being able to offer all the latest styles and techniques.

Hair is our medium and our clients our expression, so come visit us and have the experience you deserve.

WAC HAIR GROUP… because your worth it


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Write a message, send us a note, email us for an appointment, or just thank us for amazing hair. We are also on the look out for new and exceptional talent to lead our industry into uncharted fields of growth. 

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Wac Hair Group

158 Main Street North

Markham, ON L3P 1Y3

Tel: (905) 201-6622